About Us Comfort and Keep

About Us

When someone you care about is hurting, not knowing what to say shouldn’t be the thing that holds you back.

We all go through challenging times. Times that stretch us to the point of feeling like we are breaking. Loss, grief, sickness, breakups…

Sometimes. Life. Is. Just. Hard.

It’s hard to provide a shoulder to cry on from hundreds of miles away. The guilt is real. And words can feel so empty and inadequate.

Sometimes the hardest thing about a hard time is not being able to be there in person.

I’m Rebecca and I founded Comfort & Keep, together with my husband Jaime, out of my years of professional experience alongside people who were navigating their paths of challenge, struggle, and hardship.

As a social worker and therapist with 20+ years serving oncology and hospice patients, I learned it’s really not about the words.

It’s your presence that matters most.

Working with patients and their loved ones, I witnessed the importance and power of small acts of kindness. 

I heard so many stories about tiny, tangible gestures of support that made a world of difference for those struggling to keep their outlook positive during some of life’s most furious storms.

When words aren’t enough, send comfort they can keep . . . and hope they can hold onto.

You want your loved one to feel safe, seen, and supported.

And so do we.

Comfort & Keep isn’t your average care package or gift box.  

Each of our themed boxes have been meticulously built to provide tangible support for your loved ones' needs in times of distress or crisis based on professional therapeutic insights and understanding.

Therapist talk here, but, when we are struggling, one of the most powerful ways to strengthen our ability to cope is to ground ourselves through proactively engaging our senses.

That’s why Comfort & Keep care boxes are intentionally designed with sensory-rich, beautiful, hand-selected elements that help share the support you’d love to offer in person.

Each box is crafted to convey empathy, strength, and your belief in your loved one’s ability to make it through their challenges.  

You need to send encouragement that’s more than words. Let us do the heavy lifting. We’ll even include a handwritten message of your choosing. 

Comfort & Keep is Encouragement, Beautifully Sent.