Your love has a story.

It has a beginning, but it doesn't have an end.

That's why sharing our love story can be so healing - because our relationship with the deceased lives on.

Our mission at Comfort + Keep is to put you in touch with that which heals. Sharing our story and their picture helps keep our love alive. 

 Write your Love Note or story about your loved one in the box marked MESSAGE below. Feel free to write about shared experiences, holidays, funny moments, sweet moments, holidays, trips, or what life was like with the one you lost. This includes not just humans, but also pets. 

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Give us 7-10 business days, and we will upload your Love Note and picture to our Love Notes Project page. We will notify you at the email address you provided when it's posted and you can share it with your friends and family! 

*Comfort + Keep reserves the right to restrict submissions that contain negative, inappropriate, or irrelevant content. Let's help each other celebrate the love we share with the one we lost by adhering to the guidelines listed above. 

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